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tv   [untitled]    February 2, 2013 2:00am-2:30am EST

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i. egypt's canvas of labor thousands a track saying attacking the presidential palace with five bombs a month by police to gas and the latest wave of violent protests demanding the fall of morse's regime. stay away from the u.k. britain plans a controversial ad campaign to tell him a grounds they won't like about the country after years of trying to outrun them.
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also this hour the fallout of the french led offensive in mali and the deepening crisis in syria focus the minds of the world's top diplomats at a key security gathering in munich. russia marks the seventy's anniversary of the soviet victory at a stunning grad and devastating battle which strangely directional the entire second world war and right now we are bringing you live pictures from volgograd that's how stunning god is called in our. international news life for moscow this is all she was me you know tshabalala thanks for joining us. egypt's violent protests have reached the presidential
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palace for the first time in a week of turmoil more than fifty people were injured and at least one was killed while thousands of demonstrators calling for president morsi is resignation clashed with police protesters attacks the pilots with fire bombs and stones security forces responded with tear gas and water cannon is about true witness they may how many kyra. we now have a chaotic scene because of clashes how broken out somehow the government protesters answers are security forces the president. says are many marches from the president's own building and groups supposedly through march are pumped out at the palace which is not the police about the time we see you guys this comes off the several protests conversion from the presidential palace on to her a scratch as part of friday's day at the never and spray just as cold as you can hear behind me there is a must and i'm going to say as people are running it's very chaotic these are not
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to take gas and this is the questionnaire area in comparison to the space industries where the gas is booming and driving people but i can just hear from my right now people are chanting in one voice the people come on the end of the regime this comes one day off. the islamic authority right here the high some authority here in egypt cooled a broken that talks between the representatives of the charge purpose and sense of control to talk of misandrous on the face including opposition figures like mohamed el baradei and members of the muslim brotherhood in the freedom and justice party they may decide that initiative can stop the violence initiative which called a peaceful protest we spoke with the end of the violence on the dialogue and they almost signed this document obviously this hasn't taken place you can see behind me the scenes are still very violent that we're not sure of is going to be any dialogue in the future between the president and opposition forces as the opposition forces still have a pre-conditions on meds i don't they want the president said the government to resign they want a different kind of
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a government takeover they want the countries to be revived we're seeing right now it's a very chaotic divided egypt. and activists and journalists a second term that says developments in egypt show no one isn't controlling it. egypt has been totally destabilized and remember the egyptian government is waiting for what the egyptians called the loan from sunday look there's a protest is a popular protest song about the world bank i.m.f. loan to egypt and all the western newspapers and analysts are saying what egypt's not going to get but lord if this is the destabilisation that it's visiting upon the country but the thing is what who can control things in egypt now a popular slogan of the arab spring which i call the arab sting for natal has been the fear has gone but perhaps the fear has gone by along with the fear so has any sense of security and nation building and state building so really can anyone control what's going on and this is this is rooted partly as well because of the
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trial against those who were accused of being guilty author of the deaths at the football match so really it's also it's also you know openly said that more can control anything in egypt are cowardly and you can always check out his twitter feed for the latest on what's going on in cairo and also that you find updates from both true his report who had earlier. washington's attempts to corner iran with sanctions against his oil industry may have been in demand by the u.s. itself the pentagon admitted it cannot verify away exactly the last purchased over a billion dollars worth of fuel while its operations in afghanistan in recent years . now reports. the u.s. gives money to the afghan government to buy fuel for its forces now u.s. officials especially specter general for afghanistan reconstruction say they cannot verify that the fuel purchased for afghan security forces in recent years did not
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come from iran it could be their way of saying that it probably did come for the wrong and it could mean that the u.s. has violated its own sanctions thereby letting us taxpayer dollars go to remain coffers those sanctions that the u.s. has put in place not only bar u.s. companies from doing business with iran but also punish third party countries for doing business with iran but no matter how many rounds of sanctions are in effect they were never watertight even though the european union under a lot of pressure from washington stopped buying uranium oil you have a host of other countries that still do iran's biggest buyer now biggest buyers now are china india and japan and these countries are oil thirsty especially china so china imports of uranium oil india's imports of iranian crude were up thirty percent according to tanker arrival data western sanctions have brains
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oil exports in two thousand and twelve leading to a very deep plunge in the arabian currency but continuous robust demand from its top buyers as well as the purchase of new tankers allow the red to unexpectedly boost exports late last year despite the sanctions the u.s. can't absolutely force those major economies especially china to stop buying from iran political and economic ramifications of such pressure would be significant but the u.s. government is trying their prompting those other countries to buy oil from washington's allies saudis and katori so you can imagine how happy the gulf states are about this whole new business coming in but washington is resolute to put more pressure on other countries to put forward more threats like cutting them off from the u.s. banking system. so in many countries the situation starts to look more like blackmail than anything else i was regards to iran and blackmail is essentially what the u.s. calls diplomacy which by the way is not working but washington acts to hold not
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only ran hostage to sanctions but the whole world which is of course creating more tension and from the national iranian american council it says washington is so addicted to punishing iran it's forgotten why it's doing it what we need to remember is that the same sions are supposed to be. protecting us national security interests the problem is that we have lost sight of what those sanctions are supposed to achieve. have become sort of interest and to themselves we've lost sight of the fact that sanctions are supposed to be sort of a tactical form of getting leverage over iran that is then used at the negotiating table to try to carve out a deal to try to you know have something to offer and give and take and they've become a strategic objective unto themselves if you look at the last ten years of. u.s. policy on iran we haven't actually achieved the whole lot we've done
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a lot of things in terms of we continue rons economy and sort of ratcheting up the pressure but iran centrifuges are still still spinning we're on the precipice of a war and now with understand we're facing these really tough questions about can we continue to be enemies with iran and not engaging with iran while we're trying to leave afghanistan in some sort of stable fashion. so the sanctions against iran and the country's leader mahmoud ahmadinejad are inspiring our website cartoonists check out his latest sketches at sea dot com in the online exclusive section.
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great britain is great that's the message u.k. ministers blunt descends to both gerunds and romanians to persuade them not to move it's all part of an attempt to break away from the policies of the trunks an immigrant's introduced on to tony blair and he even got an award from poland for opening a brazen to its citizens after hundreds of thousands of them floats that point to boycott how small. as one official put it the negative ad campaign about britain would help to dispel the myth that the streets in the u.k. all paved with gold and the politicians certainly are worried and they've got it wrong in the past the previous year was the year of the olympics and politicians trump and trumpeting great britain and how long and in britain is the best destination the world billions of pounds poured into advertising to really sell the
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u.k. but it seems that for immigrants potential immigrants from rumania and from bol garia the message is that britain isn't so great after all so a lot of people see that sort of as quite far cicle the fact that the government is willing to trash its own image and to admit that there are problems with the economy in disarray that there's a housing crisis and that there are problems with schools and hospitals everyone's been having a good old chuckle over the idea of a negative ad campaign and yes some people have actually said that it's quite insulting but remain ians them for vogue ariens but one newspaper has even suggested that people send in their own suggestions for what an anti britain poster would look like and the result has been really quite scathing and quite harsh to britain as a country we've got slogans that include u.k. yuck and come to britain and clean the toilets or even britain we haven't left ourselves because the public transport isn't running so people very sort of mocking
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at the same time but quite scathing about the country westminster is bound by law so they have to follow these rules and they have to allow anybody who wishes to come over in twenty fourteen to enter the country but a lot of citizens in the u.k. feel that it's insulting to those people and a waste of money having advertised britain previously. and looks like her mania is now hitting banned by tempting brits their daily newspaper has launched its own campaign to show how good live is in romania in romania and like care this one apparently advertising romanian women hopeful which they say look like kate middleton and another one should be tempting for the notoriously hard drinking brit big remaining is apparently cheaper than bottled water in the u.k. so to see all of the posters to log on to our website r.t.
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dot com and they're really funny from my point to you of course. still ahead for you this hour security issues are on the table at munich's annual security conference with the euro and mauna kea to show you the what diplomats debates plots . the divisions between jews and arabs to reach the stars with one set of his rating firms and good at bayfront of muslims in that teams colors that's on the off your shoulder right. wealthy british style. guide. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kinds a report on our. this
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is as he welcomed by the u.n. on to genocide and voice says he's deeply concerned by reports of ethnic reprisal attacks and atrocities by french banks government troops in mali the warning came ahead about this it by french president francois announced in mali in order to hail the success of his intervention against islamist rebels there but there are fears sectarian violence could now escalate and strasburg based journalist and accent on france rubbish honiss things along as a visit is just political grandstanding he may regard this is a window of opportunity to present this is a great french excess which militarily technically tactically certainly looks like let's be honest but it's his opportunity because clearly in the background there is considerable american assistance there now british troops coming in there talking about eight thousand african troops it's not going to be and further out i may say the french are very reluctant to approach the algerian front you know too closely
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because algeria and france as you know have a long history with general bitterness civil war i think this may well be the last chance for all the house to claim a victory before it all becomes obviously an allied operation and i think that's probably the main reason. and on r.t. dot com some chilling stories from mullins caught up in the french led the conflict against islamists one family told r.t. how they were unable to bury their killed relatives but days during the intervention find this and other reports from the ground by logging on to our website.
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major crises and conflicts like there is an africa and the middle east on the table for international top diplomats descending on the german city of munich the annual security conference di is renowned as a chance to sing at the shows to talk informally. as one area dividing opinion as paid to on our reports this security conference that takes place here in munich is regarded as one of the biggest the most important events in global security discussions also around four hundred world leaders taking part in its we'll be talking about a number of topics key among them of course will be what's going on in mali at the moment of course syria will be a major topic for discussion and moscow have both said that they want to play a key role in trying to bring about peace in the middle eastern country however both russia and the united states have different ways of how they see that peace
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being brought about the united states says that bashar al assad the syrian president has to go we have to be removed whatever is russia choosing peace through dialogue and they want both sides to observe a cease fire so that's all going to be going on here in munich at the munich international security conference. and some other international news in brief this hour officials are they had quarters of mexico state company panic has been lost the two exactly three lives it was an accident where skews and as their search for anyone trapped under the rubble after almost twenty four hours more than one hundred twenty one people were injured exactly what caused the explosion is still not. a standoff between alabama police and a man holding a five year old boy hostage continues for a fourth day now as negotiators try to free the youngster. sixty five year old retired trucker took the boy from a school bus after shooting the driver who tried to stop him the child who has no
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no no links to his captor is now being held in an underground bunker. one of jerusalem's top football teams known for rejecting our players has signed two new muslim players for the first time it has angered fans who have responded with vicious protests and i want to move them slogans policia reports now on rising nationalism in a game which aims to unite. the games in there but the actions out here these really football team they told us of them is making headlines not for what it does on the pitch but what it does oafish the only leading team in the country never to have signed an arab player because of fan pressure h.r. is a bastion of israel's political white if i am one other thing i am the don't love the enemy will be a player in my team or you could see. the to her.
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chance like this we hate all arabs only the target of the racist croquet no it doesn't happen often but tonight's matches between d'etat jerusalem and a local israeli arab team the police are not taking any chances which is why these gates are for the jewish fans and the other side of the stadium is for the palestinian supporters now the match has just finished and as you see the bay tajiri some supporters are walking out behind me but it will be another hour and a half before the police give permission to the arab fans to leave the stadium but keeping the two sides apart does little to dispel the hatred in march last year hundreds of baitullah fans rampaged through jerusalem off to a game chanting death to the arabs and randomly attacking arab workers orders are born trying to say that there are just a few resources five to twenty people but that's not right racism is in the d.n.a. of the steam it's in their blood. we fought to is a football legend in israel he was the first arab to play for israel national team
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and to represent the country at the olympic games. i remember playing against the steam their supporters cursed me because i'm an arab muslim if this is not racism what is it that problem is about to get a whole lot bigger team owner russian israeli tycoon at a coyote guide to mecca recently announced his decision to hire two muslim payers from chechnya and the. it's no good they're doing it for nothing these players from church with the jewish people not with the team we have different values. while other countries have faced international sanctions for racist incitement by france israel has so far avoided such close scrutiny but fears are growing that the beautiful game there is slowly being turned into a source of violence racism and hatred policy r.t. jerusalem. and there are more concerns over israel's nationalist uprising online
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the world portal how one finds tourist ad but still manages to make it onto youtube raising concerns over israel's and to muslims. you can also i had to call to learn how a brand new generation of zeppelins parks with the latest technology could revolutionize cargo shipping in the years ahead. seventy years ago they saw that union finally claimed victory in starting one of the most devastating battles in history after two hundred days the red army beats the germans and china the direction of the entire second world war and all seized on boston is in the city and joins us now live tell me how is this morning mental victory being remembered. yes well if i was here exactly seven years ago on the second of february one nine hundred forty three
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central square in volgograd that great city on the volga would be pretty much on recognizable it was a shell of a city only the few largest buildings had remained standing after a ferocious battle raged for six months and this was the moment when the remnants of the german forces there and their allies surrendered to the red army which had finally come of age had finally shown the world that it was possible to be the military forces of nazi germany and that is the parade here today and this service a language is for to remember all those that died in that terrible battle seventy years ago there has been delegations from. obviously russian delegations but also international delegations including a delegation representing the german armed forces that have been here today in
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volgograd laying wreaths to commemorate all those who died in the battle and also a parade of the modern russian army. attributes. to their ancestors in the red army that. terrible battle all those years ago and the traditional russian military shout of. victory which was shouted out by all of the soldiers here. a tank from the very time an old t. thirty four tank drove past in front of the crowds and it's a chance for everyone here to try and to think about that moment to try and remember the gravitas of that moment that. victory of back in one nine hundred forty three it's also important to remember that the significance of names in this story this city is not called stalin got anymore in the one nine hundred sixty s.
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changed his name to build it but. there has been an enormous move made by your ministration here in belgrade that. that on special occasions they will once again refer to the city. but that is a common controversial decision because as the name suggests stalin grant was named after after joseph stalin. and he also has a very controversial reputation in modern russia as well some people are opposed to that decision and think that the name stalingrad should remain in history but others are pleased to have it to remember. this battle and the place where it was force but it is beyond doubt now that the name stalin gracia will be remembered not for the place not for the place of the storms here but for what happened here
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capsulated tell me a definite feeling the spirit of the event thank you very much as he's told boston live from of all the grand. and. go to a world war two section on our website and witnesses and veterans stories and experiences plus know more about the key battles and figures all the time. we'll bring you more news in about thirty minutes time.
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asco actually caused a fiasco by singing a song highly critical of president obama ironically at a concert in honor of his second inauguration according to the huffington post he was thrown off stage by security for insulting the dear leader the sounds really bad like something out of one thousand nine hundred four where thongs come out of nowhere the second you say something out of line about the party. to the song loop it was singing had been going on for thirty minutes at that point this rant was more like a hip hop filibuster stopping the whole show and dragging on and on and so i think security just wanted to silence him in general not silence his anti obama opinions so you know next time when you want to bring up obama's drone usage or total disregard for the constitution then keep it under three minutes everything will be just fine but that's just my opinion.
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the kaiser report imax kaiser you know what's wrong with this economy it's all built on a foundation of yes the united states is an empire led by a teleprompter it is an empire of debt spanning the globe a bloody culmination of forty years of pushing trading a shadow banking system collateralized by a combination of liar loans and temp workers consuming genetically modified food like products. it for this yellow cake breaking talcum powder shaking perpetual war making balloon boy chasing fake it to make it economy we're all the heroes of fake girlfriends and steroids and. we have a new rockstar for a phone. call you stacy yes max this is
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rob university rob you his real name is robert weenie and he faces. he faces thirty years i'm for isn't for defrauding some banks front man for l.a. ben charged with six million dollar loan fraud so over a two year period max this guy went to comb america which is a regional bank based out of dallas and managed to secure six million dollars in loans based on the fact that he looked like a rock star and he had one you tube video which had one point four million views and for this they gave him six million dollars over the years beginning in august two thousand and three mile when he saw it and obtained for loans from comarca totaling about six point two million dollars according to court documents he provided statements that claimed he had nearly.


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